The best way to guide in a new design month is with outfits and components that are elegant, modern and extremely wearable.

This year, design varies considerably from years past. For a start, the scheme is smoother.

"The shades are more modest with very natural elaborations," said Laura McDowell, T.J. Maxx design representative.

White is clearly a favorite, with neutrals a close second. When combined with shade, the look is smoother and very modern. Try fast with white-colored (for the ever-popular seafaring look), yellow-colored, candy brownish and oats as supporting shade shades. Visual grayscale combinations look amazingly fresh.

Perhaps the most important options are spring's range of pants-they run the range from pop, wide gauchos to Barbados shorts/skimmers. Also look for slimmer capris, long, slouchy pants, and high-waisted sailor man pants. Feminine shirts are the ideal accompaniment: Choose a billowing, Victorian-style beautiful clothing, or the traditional, always-in-style key down. The dark outfits have been changed by "the little white-colored outfit," with light, elegant outlining. Overcoats are back. Look for popped, fixed jackets, as well as military-inspired styles: very designed with a great neck. Today's dresses are more time and feminine: tulip forms, percolate dresses, and multitiered editions.

There's no need to carry a carry or even a brief-case this year. Purses and handbags are big enough to hold just about anything. Look for cross-body manages and extra-large satchels.

"Oversized is definitely in, but do consider your physique and size," suggests McDowell.

Belts are also getting broader. Shoes are large with great heel sandals, system, espadrilles, look feet and pitching wedges. Brilliant aqua blue, reefs and ruby jewelry add a healthy amount of color; multi-strand necklaces-the more time the better-are strong yet innovative. Five easy ways to enhance your clothing collection are:

1. Something, anything white

2. A smooth loving skirt

3. At least one couple of popped pants: gauchos, capris or skimmers

4. A seafaring accent: candy striped clothing, macrame buckle or pitching wedge espadrilles

5. A great big purse in smooth French natural leather or summertime straw

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